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The abuse of methylone drug as a drug is relatively new trend in market. Very few drug abusers are aware of effects of methylone. Drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc are being taken by drug abusers from decades. However methylone as a drug is a novel approach in world of drug addiction.

Chemical and physical data
Formula C11H13NO3
Molar mass 207.23 g/mol g·mol−1
3D model (JSmol) Interactive image
Solubility in water 357 mg/mL (20 °C)

Methylone is synthetic in nature and is commonly termed as bath salt. Bath salts have only one drug called methylone or it can also be said that there are number of chemicals in single package. The one who is buying it can never figure out its composition until or unless he is chemist or chemical researcher.

Other than bath salt, one can get methylone as an only chemical. Some researchers also call it bk-MDMA, revealing its chemical association with party pills also Ecstasy or MDMA in chemical language. Methylone is considered one of the strongest stimulants. When it is sold in form of bath salts, methylone is explained as jewelry cleaner, food for plant or non consumable product for human ingestion. It has different names like vanilla sky, ivory wave, purple wave, or most popular cloud nine.

Other than minor medical problems, use of methylone as a drug can cause serious medical problems like seizures, panic attacks. Organ failure, muscle disintegration or adverse effects can even lead to death. World is now experiencing number of deaths due to methylone abuse. Sometimes death happens due to over dose and sometimes the drug addict cannot bear the side effects of the drug. Cardiac arrests, high fevers and psychological disorders result to death of the addict. Skeletal muscles start becoming weak and then break down due to chemical reaction taking place as a result of stress and panic attacks. Kidneys and liver are also affected.

Studies have shown that this drug is being consumed by drug addicts both at home in loneliness as well as in clubs and parties. That is the reason these are called party pills as well. The pills are taken primarily to experience the feeling of ecstasy.

It is almost useless to warn a person with methylone addiction as it is nearly impossible to quite. They realize its addiction when they become highly addicted to it. The survival rate of methylone abusers is not very satisfactory.    

Narconon program is an effort to bring the methylone addicts back to healthy lives. It is an 8-10 weeks program in which the patients are treated without any usage of drugs. The nutritional programs and diet plans help the person to build immunity against drug abuse and create strength to balance the mental disorders and methylone abuse crashes the mind and body coordination. The procedure is slow and steady, but helps the person to withdraw from drug abuse.   

Other than drug abuse, methylone is used in many chemical processes. Therefore the chemical researchers are needed to have proper licensing to  buy methylone for sale . It is for sale at reliable chemical shops. In some experiments, the researchers have to buy 5 -methylone ethylone for sale for conducting experiments. These chemicals are available at certified chemical shops only, as their abuse can cost big troubles. 

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